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The Power of Positive Change Social and Ecological

The Tupelo are starting to drop there brilliant red foliage and small berries along our path as we walk through the woods, a clear sign of our turning toward autumn. Here at the Center For Bioregional Living our view is towards fall projects and the beginning of our school year at Juniper’s nearby Montessori school. I will be teaching Permaculture Design courses there too as part of an exchange we do to stay out of the money economy as much as possible.

I have been reading a number of books recently that I will pulling new insights and material from; Cracked by Steven Hawley on the continuance of colonialism that mega dams truly are, This land Is Their Land by Silverstein getting into the history of Wampanoags and New England, Poverty By America by Desmond and the Three Ages Of Water by Gleick.

Combining this kind of research and writing into our Permaculture educational experience is part of what sets our courses apart from the pack.

Want to create abundance and prosperity in your life? Understand how the Earth works? This class will give you both! Including skills to heal ourselves and heal the planet.


Available to Center For Bioregional Living PDC graduates at a reduced price - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This is a great refresher course for those already initiated and for those wanting to get re-grounded.


I finished my final PDC at Yestermorrow it’s been a good run 16+ years and time to move on, more about that later, for now here are a couple designs from that class.

Here are some photos from my latest building and gardening projects for clients. Hope to see you in one of these courses coming up!


Listen and learn from Lisa Fernandes here as we explore her journey to Permaculture, how to strategize our emerging cultural nodes of growth. Lisa offers some very useful languaging like; Humans embedded in the ecosystems they depend upon and encourages us to think more of well being contrasted to what is oft referred to as "wealth". More about Lisa here -



What We Do:


Here is a diversity of resources that we use to teach and to expand your abilities for your Permaculture projects. Please spend time here exploring these pathways and information sets and radical ecological politics for the people.


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