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Permaculture Certification Courses Spring/Summer 2024 - Center for Bioregional Living Newsletter

We graduated two permaculture classes already this year and it's not even May yet!...our Online PDC and a 7 day Permaculture Agroforestry in the Tropics in Nicaragua this February, which we plan to make a yearly event at Selva Negra, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Selva Negra is 1600 acre, 5th generation organic coffee and cocoa farm.They have 5 bio-digestors, turning waste into energy and cleaning all the effluent from washing the coffee beans,all the water is gravity fed from protected springs coming from the ridge from their bio preserve. Agroforestry extraordinaire, with avocado, macadamia, citrus and cocoa in the understory mixed with organic coffee. 

Inquire here about attending our next Nicaragua Permaculture course in February 2025.


Bringing the beauty and power of the earth to you with decades of experience in permaculture design. We help create financial and ecological security for our clients by capitalizing on nature and investing in the long term resilience of forests, farms and local economies.


Our NEW YouTube channel will offer you inspiration and insights to create safe havens for a true sense of contemplation, beauty and abundance living in ecological communities, gardens, ponds and natural buildings. Learn to live in this sacred and timeless way in tune with the primordial rhythms of life on Earth.

  • Finding Springs!

  • Solving water problems

  • Ecological Site Planning

  • Regenerative Farms and Businesses

  • Green Infrastructure Off-Grid Water & Energy Systems

  • Agroforestry & Silva pasture

  • Edible & Native Landscapes

  • Permaculture Forest Gardens Biodynamics

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