Hands-on Permaculture Design Courses 2022 

Center for Bioregional Living - Ellenville, New York

These are the workshops that many of you have been clamoring for. They will be relaxed, very informative, fun and a great way to have an immersion educational experience on our permaculture campus.  Andrew Faust and Adriana Magaña at our Center for Bioregional Living are proud to present a series of advanced permaculture and ecological design courses this May and June 2022.


We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to extend your fundamental Permaculture design skills and advance them strongly, with these hands on trainings taking you forward on the wings of true experience!

Our themes this season are:


  • Water in the Land

  • Biodynamic Gardening

  • Whole site Design

  • Forest Gardens/Tree Crops

  • Natural Building


All the courses in this series function as stand alone teachings and they build off of each other when taken together.

Come participate in the co-evolution of our Center for Bioregional Living where we teach the essentials of high quality ways of living well with how the earth works. Everything that we will be working on here will be used and enjoyed by future visitors and students for many years to come. Camping is encouraged in designated areas on our land and taking in the sights ,during off time, at one of the many nearby gorgeous hiking areas (Lake Minnewaska, Sam's Point, Peter's Kill to name a few...).

All classes 10am till 4pm

Endorsed by PINA - Permaculture Institute of North America

Perm.&BD Gardening.jpg

Introduction to Permaculture and Biodynamic Gardening 

Saturday May 14th - 10am to 3pm - $100

Come and join us at our one of a kind of Permaculture farm in Ellenville.  The Center for Bioregional Living is an off grid market scale demonstration farm designed specifically, as our example to the regional food movement  Offering opportunities and approaches for addressing our food needs with more of an integrated, ecological, permaculture approach.

In this workshop we will have hands-on activities taking you from seed starting to bed prepping and planting a organic market scale garden. 


  •  Discuss preferred seed sources

  •  Explain the Biodynamic Calendar & how we use it

  •  Prep and plant beds in our garden

  •  Explain our rain water catching system

  •  Discuss permaculture in the fruit & vegetable garden layout

  •  Explain when we use the tractor and when we use hand tools

  •  Show you amendments that we use in our garden and why


You will get a chance to plant seed and prep beds and learn experientially about some key biodynamic and permaculture gardening insights and approaches to take home to your family and farm.


Permaculture Design for Whole Site Development
May 21st and 22nd
- 10am to 4pm - $200

This course will focus on laying the groundwork for an entire land development project such as establishing ecological businesses, community farms, eco-villages, co-housing and homesteads.

Topics covered:

  • Reading the landscape

  • Making use of topography and hydrology

  • Reading biological indicators

  • Whole site analysis

  • Mapping techniques


Siting buildings and integrating the entire project through a solid phase plan.

Hands-on activities:


  • Siting buildings and infrastructure,

  • Laying out establishing earthworks and infrastructure. 

We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to function as stand alone teachings or to build off of each other when taken as the whole series. Come participate in the groundbreaking of The Center for Bioregional Living’s Permaculture and Ecological Design Educational center where we will help to teach people the essentials of high quality ways of living abundantly now and into the future.

interplanted food forest succession v3 (1).jpg

Forest Gardens and Tree Crops 
Saturday May 28th 2020
- 10am to 3pm - $100

This course will focus on gardening with nature through the creation of edible forest gardens, as well as the design and management of multi-functional woodlots.

Topics covered:

Designing, Planting management of woodlots for selective harvesting of fuel and building materials, understory value-added crops like shitake, ginseng, goldenseal and wild garlic, techniques for increasing the quality and productivity of wild edibles.

Hands-on activities:

  • Planting Nut tree legacies!  

  • Pruning and land management to accelerate succession.


Naturally Built Tiny House

Saturday June 11 and 12 - 10am to 4pm - $260

Healthy Buildings = Healthy People

Natural, local and bioregional buildings contribute to ecologically sound local economies and create beautiful, healthy homes and villages to live our lives in.


Applying the permaculture principles throughout the building process.

This hands on workshop series will teach you about creating buildings with trees cut from the land, maximizing on-site and local raw materials and framing with rough cut local lumber.

  • Passive solar design

  • Phased and integrated site development

  • building techniques.

  • Building structures and sacred sites with good feng shui and natural energy.

Insulating naturally, using rainwater for domestic needs and greywater for gardens. Come and learn how to create healthy, natural reasonably sized homes, outbuildings and communities.

We will teach you how to analyze building locations and materials to determine how ecologically safe and sound they are. 

  • How to use straw bales

  • Earthen Plasters

  • Light Clay straw

  • Passive solar hot water systems for domestic heating

  • Off grid Energy systems

  • Minimizing household sources of Electro-Magnetic Fields

Using gravity and low energy pumps and systems for indoor/outdoor plumbing systems.

When you complete this entire series you will know how to create a beautiful natural building from the ground up and set it up to be fully off the grid! 


Most of our time will be spent outdoors and there will be plenty of hands-on work. Home cooked and locally sourced meals included! 

Lodging options include limited indoor common area as well as tent space on our beautiful 14 acres.  Bring tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags. 

Classes will start at 10am Saturday    There is a bus from Port Authority that leaves at 5:30 and arrives at 8:02 in Ellenville where we could pick you up. Let us know if this is the best way for you to travel and we will save dinner for you! 

Anyone driving who has extra space in their car let us know so that we may organize carpooling.

There is a NJ Transit Train that runs to Middletown about 40 minutes away, but we are unable to organize service to pick people up from there at this time. Possibly in the future?

For questions or to reserve a space email 


Link for Short Line Bus 

Google map of our area

We look forward to working with the next group of amazing humans ready to transform the world!


Payment Plans and Paypal


• Flexible Scheduling


• Experienced Teaching Team


• Continued Mentoring

• Learn to Apply Permaculture to Properties, Business Models, Social Structures and Regional Scale Designs.

Our Ellenville, NY educational campus for permaculture design graduates and for our local community provides hands-on and advanced trainings. We provide in reading the landscapes, site analysis, natural building, herbalism, animal husbandry, beyond organic gardening, biodynamic farming, forest gardening, fruit tree care and off-grid water and energy systems, to name a few.

Many of our graduates begin businesses based on what they learn with us from natural beauty products, herbal remedies, making teas and ferments, Permaculture landscaping, organic vineyards, ecologically minded animation and film companies and begin intentional communities.

Permaculture Design is :


  • A design science that provides a new model for economic development.

  • Addressing the major social justice and environmental issues of our times from a whole systems perspective.

  • A worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


The certification connects you to an international world of designer’s, architects, organic farmers, and communities who all recognize it as a legitimate passport to another level of knowledge.


Some of our graduate testimonials

The Center for Bioregional Living's Permaculture Design Certification course exceeded my expectations for online learning. Andrew's ability to energize us through discussions on philosophy, ethics and science provided a unique narrative that informed, inspired, and expanded my understanding of permaculture design principles. Through his stories, his deep and varied experience, and his pictorial account of past project sites I was able to learn how to analyze, evaluate, and then design solutions from patterns to details. His passion was shared by guest lecturers that brought diverse expertise and who provided unique examples of permaculture projects. I came away from the course not just with a certification, but I also gained a mentor, a diverse social network, and most of all, a mission to broaden and deepen my permaculture design skills to face the many challenges in our increasingly divided, shattered and broken world.



Bio: Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Villanova University and then his PhD in Biochemistry from Yale University. He then was a Staff Scientist for the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA where he studied virus entry and vaccine design. Following his lab work he became a Program Manager at the Institute of Medicine for the Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation before transitioning into science teaching. For the past four years he has taught Environment Science, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering Design at Georgetown Preparatory School. He is also the father of an amazing daughter Julia who loves to sing and dance. While not in the classroom, he volunteers on organic farms and hopes to advance permaculture values through his newly obtained Certification in Permaculture Design from the Center for Biological Living. -  Chris Defeo


The online course is 100% worth it! I just completed the online 2020 permaculture certification course and was blown away by the amount of information I gained. The information itself is a healthy mix of bass-tacks-know-how (geared towards the Northeast), theoretical, analytical, biological, philosophical, cosmic, and spiritual. Because of this, the class is suited for anyone who is interested in learning or DOING permaculture. Andrew's knowledge is vast, informative, and sobering. You can't fake that. It becomes very clear within the first few minutes.


If you are living in the North East and want to create a green job for yourself, this is the next step you should take.


P.S. If you have any reservations because it's online, it's not an issue at all. It's not worth waiting for the pandemic to be done with. - Ben Feistmann

Andrew's class opened my eyes to new ways of seeing, as well as provided tools for approaching the challenges of our present day society in a positive and impactful way. His focus on "turning the problem into the solution" is something so needed right now in our society, and has inspired me to approach my art and artistry in a whole new way, as well as my everyday life. 


This class goes far beyond gardening and agriculture, and addresses how we can apply the principles of permaculture to all aspects of life, be it big or small, personal or professional. Taking this class was the greatest gift I gave to myself this year, and I know that I will be living my life in a more meaningful and intentional way because of it. 


This class is for everyone- the activist, the artist, the empath, the curious, the farmer, the urbanite, the teacher, the student -- whether you have a 30 acre piece of land or a small windowsill, you will get such immense value and deep knowledge from this class, and will leave a whole lot wiser.


Thank you so much, Andrew and Adriana, for your dedication to the principles and practice of permaculture, and for being so generous and thoughtful with your knowledge. I am deeply grateful to you both, and for this class - Celia Rowlson-Hall


Begins Feb 22 ends Apr 4

11 Weekend Sessions

Permaculture Design Certification Course NYC 2020

This course is the foundational 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification program, endorsed by PINA the Permaculture Institute of North America.We adapt our course to the northeastern corridor and to contemporary social and ecological issues in the United States and the world.


Our Permaculture design certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. We will train you to be a permaculture consultant who can apply the permaculture principles to a diversity of landscapes, scales and issues from rural to urban, and temperate to tropical environments.

Come be inspired by the possibilities of today and not by the fear of tomorrow! 

Permaculture Design is :


  • A design science that provides a new model for economic development.

  • Addressing the major social justice and environmental issues of our times from a whole systems perspective.

  • A worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


The certification connects you to an international world of designer’s, architects, organic farmers, and communities who all recognize it as a legitimate passport to another level of knowledge.

We look forward to working with the next group of amazing humans ready to transform the world!


Payment Plans and Paypal


• Flexible Scheduling


• Experienced Teaching Team


• Continued Mentoring


• Excellent Field Trips

• Learn to Apply Permaculture to Properties, Business Models, Social Structures and Regional Scale Designs.


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Introduction to Permaculture with Andrew Faust

The Brooklyn Commons - 

Saturday February 1st - 10-5pm - $40

  • Healing Yourself With Vital Foods and Conscious Living

  • Eating Locally And In Season

  • Doing More with Less-Making Your Own Ferments

  • Choosing Healthy Products For Your Home and Family

  • Holistic Solutions For City and Country Living

Permaculture is an ecological design science that offers insights and practical techniques for living fruitful and abundant lives.   

Permaculture is addressing the major issues of our day from a whole systems view. It is a worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


Permaculture incorporates traditional methods, intuition, and in-depth site analysis. Learn how to create beneficial interrelationships in landscapes and infrastructures,create microclimates and design cultivated ecosystems.


Come and learn how to design an ecologically integrated and highly self sufficient Community Supported Farm, ecovillage, homestead, town or region. The confluence of climate change, economic collapse, peak oil and wide spread pollution are all pointing to a need for an articulate and comprehensive alternative.


Learn to live well with the earth!

Andrew Faust, one of New York City’s leading Ecological Design teachers, will describe a beautifully simple and effective way to transition from an inherently inefficient and polluting economy to a healthy and prosperous economy and infrastructure.

Feeling trapped in a corporate job and seeking a new path, I discovered this thing called permaculture that seemed to resonate with my deepest yearnings for myself and the world. That is, a lifestyle that is ecologically and ethically sound and fulfilling. Thankfully, I answered the call and participated in Andrew Faust’s Urban Permaculture Design Certification in 2009. Those permaculture goggles Andrew gave us expanded my view, allowing me to see a bigger picture of how to approach just about everything. It launched me in the direction of my current and ongoing path as an herbalist, healer, earth lover, dreamer, and spirit-being-in-human-form. Thank you, Andrew and Adriana for your openness, kindness, and wisdom. You are a living, thriving model of a truly fulfilling, beneficial, and regenerative culture. Liz Neves


While taking this class, I found myself describing it to people as Sustainability 101. Before getting into permaculture / taking this class, I knew about various eco friendly practices - organic/local food, composting, gardening, less driving - but this course united all these practices under one broad coherent philosophy underpinned by a set of ethics. One way to frame the ethics, in the words of Bill McDonough, is "how can we love all of the children of all species for all time?" Yes, this may feel ambitious, but it is also hopeful and inspirational. Can we truly respect and protect the land which gives us so much while happily satisfying our various needs? Can we leave the land in better shape after having engaged with it? To both these questions this course answers a resounding 'yes', then quickly proceeds to the practicalities of how to do so, delving into the growing of food, energy systems, water management, the concept of appropriate technology, and more. This course is the real deal and it is refreshing. - Boris Kerzner

Center for Bioregional Living courses educate and inform our students  to create true health, wealth and regional self-sufficiency through cooperating with nature. We offer permaculture design courses and consultation services, inspiring hundreds of  graduates in the northeast, and New York’s Five Boroughs.   With over 20 years of experience in design for a wide range of clients, we are your source for permaculture design education and consultation.


Permaculture is an ecological design science based on the resilient patterns found in nature.  It  is a vision of what we would rather see in the world and how to achieve it in a step by step manner.  The ethics, tools and techniques of Permaculture are focused on creating vibrant bioregional cultures and economies providing long term comfort and security for our families, communities and future generations.