Permaculture Consultation Services

"Following in Nature's footsteps"


Property Analysis and Master Planning

Bringing the beauty and power of the earth to you with 20 years of experience in permaculture design. We help create financial and ecological security for our clients by capitalizing on nature and investing in the long term resilience of forests, farms and local economies.

We assess a property for it's potential to meet your vision and dreams for your life in an ecological manner. We will help you to become native to the place that you will call home. After you send us your Permaculture wishlist for your vision we give you pointers of what to look for, we give you advice and insights to narrow down the selection process and fine tune it with our permaculture design intelligence filters.

Discovering Springs Rhinebeck NY
We find springs and create pure vital drinking water in our property analysis, where these magical opportunities exist!

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Analysis in the Field. Brooklyn NY
We assess the landscape for your goals.
Community based Land Analysis
Finding the right property for the your community.
Rooftop Greenscaping
We will bring nature in wherever you land!
Food In the City
Designing and installing rooftop farms.
Green Roof Experts
Meadow Management
Agroforestry | Historical Teachers
Hot Water from Compost Greenhouse

Permaculture Whole Site Design


We create comprehensive Permaculture designs tailor suited to your dreams and visions for your life and the ecological communities that you live with. To begin the process send me your exact address and your Permaculture wishlist for the property, which should include all the elements you desire for me to incorporate into the design.

  • Landscape Designs

  • Mixing Edible & Native Plants

  • Biointensive & Biodynamic Designs

  • Vegetable Garden Designs

  • SilvaPasture and Agroforestry

  • Permaculture forest Gardens

  • Biodynamic Orchard Designs

Design - Rosendale,NY
Whole site design for a family in Rosendale,NY who hired us to install most it,
Rondout and Peterskill Design
We create master plans that achieve beauty and economy.
Rondout Detail
We go to detail for implementation here we are building the phase one for this client.
Solving water issues with finesse
Iris Yoga Center in Accord NY-We built a series of pond solving water issues around buildings creating beauty/ nature connection and irrigation for gardens.
Animal Housing and heirloom chickens
We set up whole animal infrastructures, water, housing and supply heirloom animals as well,
Winter Water - Sullivan,NY
Installing a 1500 gallon underground rain tank with a stainless steel hand pump for back-up when the power is out in the winter for their animals.
Winter root garden  Kingston,NY
Built a shed above this garden with a 1500 gallon tank and put all these beds on contour with a subsoiler,
Edible Landscapes- Manhattan
Detailed Garden Design Stone Ridge,N

Natural Building Healthy Homes


We combine our experience in natural building and landscape construction to create healthy homes for healthy people. We will site buildings to be well located in regards to water drainage around them and maximize the natural benefits of being oriented to the sun for winter homes and towards the north for passive cooling and root cellars. 


Andrew Faust is creating homes and communities rooted in a sense of the sacred in the eastern appalachian bioregions. He is turning on hundreds of New Yorkers to the beauty of applying permaculture design to a wide range of landscapes and projects.


His love of natural building and fresh water springs, moving water with gravity as well as growing food in ecological ways. In short, I am here on this Earth to help my fellow human beings to achieve a higher quality of life in sustainable, beautiful and resilient ways.

  • Straw Bale Construction

  • Clay Plasters

  • Natural Paints

  • Non-Toxic Finishes

  • Pole Barns and Outbuildings

Design and Build - Sullivan, NY
Pole barn framing all from site. We sited, designed and built this 2200 square foot home from start to finish.
Clay on Straw - Sullivan,NY
We like to do earthen plasters from local clay after we paint the bales with clay slip.
Passive Solar - Sullivan, NY
A straw bale earthen plastered, slab on grade home heated with radiant floor heating from a solar thermal array.It is a pole barn framing system with unique engineered metal joiners.Every stick of wood in the building came from on-site.
Solar Thermal to Slab
For heating, this home we designed and built, never goes below 52 all winter because the solar hot water into the slab heats passively year round
Eco Tiny House - Gardiner, NY
A writers studio we did with all local rough cut framing and siding, passive solar oriented and heated with a woodstove,
Healing space - Accord, NY
A straw bale earthen plastered building It is actually two, 5 sided structures connected by a breezeway we designed, we sited and built for a client with ash posts from on-site and poplar framing from the area.It is slab on grade with radiant floor heating from solar thermal hot water and biofuels.We can do this for you!
Rain water catchment incorporated into outbuildings, as you see here, to create reliable water supplies on remote sites is one of our specialties.
Rain Shed - Ellenville, NY
Pole construction with local rough cut hemlock.We built this at the high point in our 10 acre meadow to catch hold and store rainwater for our primary water supply on-site .
Custom Classrooms / Cabins
Our classroom and summer kitchen in Ellenville from local lumber and poles on-site.

Andrew Faust - Permaculture Design Consultant

Demonstrating in classes how to practice permaculture in the midst of the largest city in America, he integrates all of his lifelong wisdom of reading the northeastern corridor through Permaculture perspectives for clients and students. Now twenty years into his consultation services and projects, he is immersed in this landscape and can read it, sense it and design/build in tune with natural lay of the land as only someone who has homesteaded off the grid for eight years, as an intentional pursuit in a deeper wisdom of his understanding of Permaculture and all its facets, can.

Offering Permaculture Consultation and Design in The Catskills, Hudson Valley, New Paltz, Kingston, Saugerties, Woodstock, Northampton Massachusetts, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pittsburgh At a distance or on-site visits available

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