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Introduction To Urban Permaculture with Andrew Faust       

The Brooklyn Commons 

Saturday - April 8th 10am - 3pm - $60 


Applying Permaculture Design to retrofit NYC to be a healthier and happier place for people to live in.

Come learn in the premier Permaculture Designed Rooftop Garden at the Brooklyn Commons.

 You will learn permaculture principles and applications in the Urban environment and cultivating positive city to country economic connections.


We will explore the foundations and origins of the Permaculture Design discipline with many examples of the benefits it yields when permaculture is applied to our lives and to improving the dynamics of the city.


Topics we will cover:


  • Regional Food Independence

  • Gardening in the city with Permaculture design.

  • Site analysis and design techniques for rooftop farms, city gardens and business models.

  • Working with bees, chickens and other micro-livestock in urban settings.

  • Renewable energy solutions and approaches for the 5 boroughs and the region.

  • Retrofitting NYC to be more self reliant and a healthier environment to live in.

  • Cleaning indoor air with plants.

  • Ways to clean up contaminated sites.

  • Creating beautiful natural areas to connect people with healthy ecosystems in the  midst of the city landscape.


You will learn how to design your life and your livelihood to be engaged in creating a better and healthier world for all.



7 April 2023

Buying & Building Your Place in the Country
What to Look for When Buying Your Place in the Country
Live At The Brooklyn Commons!

Andrew Faust will distill 20 plus years of experience in finding land for a diverse range of projects for friends, family and clients for consultation, private enterprises and pursuits in building Natural straw bale, cob, cabins and Ecological homes, communities, schools and farms.


Hands-on Permaculture Classes 2023

Designing with Water in Mind

April 29th - 10am and go till 4pm - $100 - view

Introduction to Permaculture & Biodynamic Gardening

Saturday May 13th - 10am and go till 4pm - $100 - view

Advanced Permaculture Design - Whole Site Development

May 27 and 28 - 10am and go till 4pm - $200 - view

(Ideal for PDC graduates)

Forest Gardens and Tree Crops  

Saturday June 3  - 10am and go till 4pm - $100 - view

Naturally Built Tiny House

Saturday June 10 and 11

10am and go till 4pm - $300 - view


Register all three of the one day hands-on classes this spring 2023 along with our Online Permaculture Design Course.  

Come on up to Ellenville!   These are the workshops that many of you have been waiting for!  They will be relaxed, very informative, fun and a great way to have an immersion educational experience on our permaculture campus.

We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to extend your fundamental Permaculture design skills and advance them strongly, with these hands on trainings taking you forward on the wings of true experience!


Our  course topics this season are:

  • Water in the Land

  • Biodynamic Gardening

  • Whole site Design

  • Forest Gardens/Tree Crops

  • Natural Building

All the courses in this series function as stand alone teachings and they build off of each other when taken together.



TBA - 6pm to 9pm est.

  • History & Origins of Permaculture​

  • Best Places To Live & Thrive

  • Off Grid, Energy Independence

  • Ecological Water Solutions

  • Closed Loop Waste Systems

  • Agroforestry & selecting high value trees

  • Bio-intensive, Organic & Regenerative Farming


Lead Instructor Andrew Faust

One of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with over two decades of experience in the field. His passionate and mind expanding talks and curriculum have motivated teachers and students since his decade long career as a H.S. teacher at Upattina's, a open community free school in Glenmoore, PA.

View Faust's TED X lecture 

Permaculture Gardens and Landscapes

  • Gardens
  • Agroforestry
  • Native Pollinator
  • Orchards
  • Biodynamic
  • Meadows and Landscape

- Design, build and maintain diversified, beautiful, edible and native landscapes for our clients using permaculture design principles.  


- We fully utilize southern exposure for rare and delicate fruits and cooler areas for rare woodland medicinals and other appropriate plantings. We will disperse detrimental energies like wind and sun and increase privacy and the diversity of use by the strategic placement of the plantings we create on-site.

Permaculture Consultation Services  - Property Analysis 

"If it was not for Andrew I would have completely bought the wrong piece of Land and wasted tens of thousands of dollars.  After sharing my goals, Andrew patiently took months of narrowing down properties I sent him from online listings. Then he went to visit the best and final online selections in person, selecting the best of the best within my budget. Hiring his services was well worth every dollar. I would highly recommend leveraging his experience to anyone serious about buying land. " - Property Analysis Client



My permaculture Homestead/educational Center,Black locust posts from on site and clay for the walls, local hemlock framing and strawbales from a local oats farmer



Pole barn framing all from site. We sited, designed and built this 2200 square foot home from start to finish.

Straw bale house

Straw bale house

Cochecton,NY a client and graduate of our class we designed and built this passive solar house for.

No plastic wraps-All clay&wood

No plastic wraps-All clay&wood

Earthen plasters directly onto the bales with a wood siding for the final exterior and plaster on the interior.

Clay walls done by hand

Clay walls done by hand

We like to do earthen plasters from local clay after we paint the bales with clay slip.

Passive Solar Orientation

Passive Solar Orientation

A straw bale earthen plastered, slab on grade home heated with radiant floor heating from a solar thermal array.It is a pole barn framing system with unique engineered metal joiners.Every stick of wood in the building came from on-site.

Wood siding

Wood siding

Wide overhangs protect from summer sun,let in the winter sun.Solar thermal on the roof into the slab, thermostat inter tied to tankless propane hot water for winter heating,

Solar Thermal-Passive hot water

Solar Thermal-Passive hot water

Solar Hot water is your key to resilient domestic hot water and low effort winter warmth we put the suns energy right into the foundation of your home and into your water tank!

2-5 sided Strawbale-Accord,NY

2-5 sided Strawbale-Accord,NY

We designed and built and sited this 2 -5 sided strawbale healing sanctuary as part of a masterplan for a 40 acre property,for a client in Accord,NY

Solar thermal into slab

Solar thermal into slab

We built the forms and put the pex in for the solar thermal and sub contracted out the pour,

Posts from on site

Posts from on site

Standing seam metal roof and posts from on-site,ready to stack bales.

2-5 sided strawbale-done

2-5 sided strawbale-done

Earthern plaster finished w/lime wash.

A straw bale earthen plastered building It is actually two, 5 sided structures connected by a breezeway we designed, we sited and built for a client with ash posts from on-site and poplar framing from the area.It is slab on grade with radiant floor heating from solar thermal hot water and biofuels.We can do this for you!

Inside the sanctuary

Inside the sanctuary

All interiors earthen plasters and natural finishes.

Posts sit in side bales

Posts sit in side bales

This way you can appreciate the beauty of the wood framing materials,

Roof insulated from outside

Roof insulated from outside

Our innovation we blanket the whole outside with salvaged rigid blue foam and then put the metal on so you get the beauty of seeing all your rafters and great insualtion!

Built in shelving

Built in shelving

The details are all tailored to the clients needs.

Tiny House Gardiner,NY

Tiny House Gardiner,NY

Local natural materials, non-toxic and passive solar writers studio,We designed and built .

Tiny house -Natural interior

Tiny house -Natural interior

All non-toxic natural interiors in this tiny house project,Clay onto drywall and citra solve w /tung oil for the floors.

Sunroom-Stone Ridge,NY

Sunroom-Stone Ridge,NY

Our team designed and built this addition for a graduate of our class ,



Latest Strawbale-Stonykill,NY

Latest Strawbale-Stonykill,NY

Seth one of our crew and his wife Sarah are design/building this strawbale home for themselves based on the houses we built for our clients over the past 6 years in the region,

Outbuildings-Stony kill,NY

Outbuildings-Stony kill,NY

4-stall-Outdoor showers,Stonykill,NY

4-stall-Outdoor showers,Stonykill,NY

Rain fed out door showers made for increased hosting at a Tai Chi center in Accord,NY

Straw bale pole structure we are building here in Ellenville.

Our classroom and summer kitchen in Ellenville from local lumber and poles on-site.

Outdoor Classroom Waldorf School

Outdoor Classroom Waldorf School

Accord,NY .We are building natural structures with on-site trees with parents and students helping.

Teaching carpentry by doing, with Juniper's class at Acorn school in Accord, NY.

Tent platforms

Tent platforms

Modular and made with local rot resistant wood.

Rain water catchment incorporated into outbuildings, as you see here, to create reliable water supplies on remote sites is one of our specialties.

1500 gallon rain tank

1500 gallon rain tank

We can put water on a platform to get you the pressure you need!

A structure for water supply and storage made from local materials.

Pole construction with local rough cut hemlock.We built this at the high point in our 10 acre meadow to catch hold and store rainwater for our primary water supply on-site .

Permaculture Consultation - Natural Building Services

We combine our experience in natural building and landscape construction to create healthy homes for healthy people. We will site buildings to be well located in regards to water drainage around them and maximize the natural benefits of being oriented to the sun for winter homes and towards the north for passive cooling and root cellars.

Permaculture Living Lands Trust: Resilient Design Strategies For Climate Change

Sunday- 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm EST


Andrew Faust introduces the Permaculture Living Lands Trust, a 501(c)(3), a fledgling organization that has been started by three long time friends and other Permaculture activists working together for more then 20 years, on many different Permaculture related projects and seeing the need for a Permaculture focused land trust.

Permaculture Center for BioRegional Living - Farm Tour

Available by appointment only - $100.00

Please call - 917.584.4588

  • See a working Permaculture Educational Farm

  • Learn how to grow more of your own food

  • Learn how to set up big rain tanks for water security

  • See our straw bale cabin, outhouses and natural classroom

  • See how create ponds and to find and develop springs

  • Visit our Dwarf Nigerian Goats, heritage chickens, nut trees natural buildings Biodigestor and more.

Andrew Faust Permaculture Educator featured in INHABIT - Click to view trailer

Humanity is more than ever threatened by its own actions; we hear a lot about the need to minimize footprints and to reduce our impact.  But what if our footprints were beneficial? What if we could meet human needs while increasing the health and well-being of our planet?


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Water Quality & Regional Planning


Herbalism, Food &  Healing





phone: 917-584-4588

253 Briggs Hwy. Ellenville NY 12428

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