Permaculture Design Certification Course 2020

This course is the foundational 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification program, endorsed by PINA the Permaculture Institute of North America.We adapt our course to the northeastern corridor and to contemporary social and ecological issues in the United States and the world.


Our Permaculture design certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. We will train you to be a permaculture consultant who can apply the permaculture principles to a diversity of landscapes, scales and issues from rural to urban, and temperate to tropical environments.


Come be inspired by the possibilities of today and not by the fear of tomorrow! 


Permaculture Design is :


  • A design science that provides a new model for economic development.

  • Addressing the major social justice and environmental issues of our times from a whole systems perspective.

  • A worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


The certification connects you to an international world of designer’s, architects, organic farmers, and communities who all recognize it as a legitimate passport to another level of knowledge.

We look forward to working with the next group of amazing humans ready to transform the world!


Payment Plans and Paypal


• Flexible Scheduling


• Experienced Teaching Team


• Continued Mentoring


• Excellent Field Trips

• Learn to Apply Permaculture to Properties, Business Models, Social Structures and Regional Scale Designs.

Lead Instructor Andrew Faust

Andrew Faust, a visionary permaculture and bioregional educator taps into the rich synergy between permaculture and biodynamic agriculture which he has been studying with a focus on orchards since he completed his permaculture design training in 1996. 

One-Day Permaculture Classes in Brooklyn


Introduction to Permaculture with Adriana Magaña

The Brooklyn Commons - 

Saturday February 1st - 10-5pm - $40

What is Permaculture?

  • Interdisciplinary practice for creating sustainable human settlements

  • Grounded in the ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share

  • A scalable tool for designing homes, regions, business models

  • Provides practical solutions for the problems we presently face

Curious about our Permaculture Design Certification course, but not sure if it’s right for you? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned design professional, our Introduction to Permaculture one day class is the perfect way to understand and be inspired by the strategies and solutions that Permaculture has to offer.

In this Introduction to Permaculture we will discuss the basic framework of Permaculture Design and why it is such a powerful design tool. We will then look at designs to help you fully understand the entire process from problems to solutions!

Urban Permaculture with Andrew Faust

The Brooklyn Commons - 

Saturday - February 8th - 10am-5pm  - $40 

  • Cleaning indoor air with plants

  • Ways to clean up contaminated sites

  • Gardening in the city with Permaculture design

  • Site analysis & design for gardens and businesses

  • Working with bees, chickens and micro-livestock

Applying Permaculture Design to retrofit NYC to be a healthier and happier place for people to live in. You will learn permaculture principles and applications in the Urban environment and how to create mutually beneficial city to country economic connections.

We will explore the foundations of this design discipline and give many examples of how it translates and yields many benefits when applied to our lives and the dynamics of the city.  Renewable energy solutions and approaches for the 5 boroughs and the region.  Retrofitting NYC to be more self reliant and a healthier environment to live in.

Permaculture One Day Courses Ellenville NY 2020

Edible Forest Gardens and Tree Crops 

Saturday April 18th - 10-5pm - $80 - BYOL

  • How to Create Your Own Permaculture Landscape

  • Learn What Nut Trees Thrive in Cold Climates

  • How to Grow your own Coppicing Woodlot

  • Improve Biodiversity and Flood Issues with Valuable Tree Crops

This course will focus on gardening with nature through the creation of edible forest gardens, as well as the design and management of multi-functional woodlots.

Permaculture Farm Tours

Starting April 19th to Fall 2020 - For families and any unbelievers - $100

  • See a working Permaculture Educational Farm

  • Learn How to Set Up Big rain Tanks

  • See Our Straw bale Cabin, Outhouses and Natural Classroom

  • See How create Ponds and to Find and Develop Springs

Visit our Dwarf Nigerian Goats, heritage chickens, Nut trees natural uildings Biodigestor and more.

Introduction to Permaculture and Biodynamic Gardening

Saturday April 25th - 10-5 pm - $80 - BYOL

  • Show you amendments that we use in our garden

  • Discuss preferred seed sources

  • Explain the Biodynamic Calendar & how we use it

  • Prep and plant beds in our garden

  • Discuss permaculture in the fruit & vegetable garden layout

We will explain when we use the tractor and when we use hand tools

You will get a chance to plant seed and prep beds and learn experientially about some key biodynamic and permaculture gardening insights and approaches to take home to your family and farm.

Come and join us at our one of a kind of Permaculture farm in Ellenville.The Center for Bioregional Living is an off grid market scale demonstration farm designed specifically, as our example to the regional food movement  Offering opportunities and approaches for addressing our food needs with more of an integrated, ecological, permaculture approach.

Naturally Built Tiny House

Saturday & Sunday - May 2-3 - 10-5pm
$120 plus $20 for meals

  • Passive Solar Siting for Buildings

  • Mix and apply earthen plasters onto straw bales, interior and exterior.

  • Put in windows and doors, finish a sleeping loft, put up siding and
    install flooring

  • Using On-site Materials

  • Healthy Buildings = Healthy People

Natural, local and bioregional buildings contribute to ecologically sound local economies and create beautiful, healthy homes and villages to live our lives in.




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