Permaculture Property Analysis Consultation

We use our 20+ years of permaculture experience to assess a property for it's potential to meet your vision and dreams for your life in an ecological manner. We will help you to become native to the place that you will call home. After you send us your Permaculture wishlist for your vision we give you pointers of what to look for, we give you advice and insights to narrow down the selection process and fine tune it with our permaculture design intelligence filters.


This will save you significant amounts of money and time by helping you to avoid looking at places that are not suited to a low tech, low cost resilient ecological way of setting up a property. We will identify the potential for a property to meet a diversity of goals. we walk the entire property finding boundaries, streams, springs, old dumps, then go over things you want to do on any given piece of real estate.


We tell you how healthy the forests and other ecosystems are, water quality, nearby toxic issues of air, water quality and the potential for a good market for your economic goals.


We create a report of our observations and recommendations of the property that you settle on. The site assessment and report is created for you, it can be put towards our fee for creating a comprehensive Permaculture design with drawings and phase implementation breakdowns for you.

  • Research, Background Information and Reports on Real-Estate

  • Pre-purchase site inspections

  • Selecting land for homesteads, ecovillages and communities

  • Designs, Installation and Maintenance

  • Training On-Site Owners and Property Managers

  • Permaculture Master Planning

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