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Permaculture Property Analysis Consultation

This assessment will save you significant amounts of money and time.  Our experience in whole property development from the ground up, will spare you many headaches, while giving you the advantage of our lifelong experience in this field of land work.

"If it was not for Andrew I would have completely bought the wrong piece of Land and wasted tens of thousands of dollars.  After sharing my goals, Andrew patiently took months of narrowing down properties I sent him from online listings. Then he went to visit the best and final online selections in person, selecting the best of the best within my budget. Hiring his services was well worth every dollar. I would highly recommend leveraging his experience to anyone serious about buying land. " -  Carmine 

- We specialize in solving water issues in ecologically appropriate ways:  View examples

- We install and design;


  • Edible landscapes

  • Plant fruit and nut trees

  • Build container gardens and fences

  • Create medicinal and aromatherapy gardens, orchards, berry patches, natural play grounds

  • Build small artist studios from natural materials

  • plant agroforestry nut groves

  • Install big rain tanks and build summer kitchens

We solve water issues with finesse, create spring fed ponds, put in property wide path networks with cabins and sitting areas, revitalize water features, install rain gardens for native pollinators and medicinal herbs.

For many of our clients, we build Natural Homes seen here:  
View examples

Our Permaculture Consultation Services will provide you with a thorough permaculture site analysis and assessment with a follow up report of my suggestions and observations, that emerge from my time with you on your property.

This assessment will save you significant amounts of money and time.  Our experience in whole property development from the ground up, will spare you many un-needed headaches, while giving you the advantage of our 
lifelong experience in this field of land work. 


We will help you to create beautiful, natural, low maintenance and resilient ways of achieving your goals and setting up a property.  We will identify the potential for a property to meet a diversity of goals, that you outline for us. 

Creating natural homes and establishing communities is one of our unique specialties.  We use our more then twenty years of permaculture experience/ natural building and organic farming background to assess your property for it's potential to meet your goals for the land in an ecological manner. We can help you to become more native to the place where you are living, by following in nature's footsteps.

We will select the best species and variates for your land and those best suited to your goals.

We pay attention to the proper placement of elements; like water features, ponds, driveways, access, 

buildings and paths and where to optimally place plantings for multiple functions and a diversity of considerations.

We will help you to fine tune your plan with our permaculture design intelligence filters.   
I will tell you how healthy the land and the ecology is on your property and assess the area immediately surrounding it for these variables.  I will be able to give you a general sense of the air, water and soil quality there.  One of our specialties is solving water issues on a range of properties with ecological methods.

In addition, we do research for your site and make you aware of any concerns we find, 
in regards to nearby toxicological realities 
of air, water or soil quality.  We also touch on the potential for a good market for your economic goals.

This will be in the follow-up report, which we put together after our time on your property.
The site assessment report is created and sent to you, approximately two weeks after our site visit.

We look forward to bringing our lifelong experience in the region in whole-site, ecological design, our gardening background
and natural building skills to the set up of your project from the foundation onward.



Permaculture Zones of Use For Site Design
Finding Springs
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