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Permaculture Gardens and Landscapes

"From City to Country"

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  • Orchards

  • Biodynamic

  • Gardens

  • Agroforestry

  • Native Pollinator

  • Meadows and Landscapes

- Design, build and maintain diversified, beautiful, edible and native landscapes for our clients using permaculture design principles.  


- We fully utilize southern exposure for rare and delicate fruits and cooler areas for rare woodland medicinals and other appropriate plantings. We will disperse detrimental energies like wind and sun and increase privacy and the diversity of use by the strategic placement of the plantings we create on-site.

- Creating mutually beneficial relationships, we make use of the relative location and microclimates created by your house, paths, decks and outdoor areas so that the flow between them is ergonomic, integrated and mutually beneficial.


- Permaculture zones of use are particularly efficient as a design tool for creating highly energetic and efficient layouts based on how much we use or service them.

- Multiple functions from single elements. The property’s topography, buildings, driveways, slope and orientation will all be considered for their potential to collect and direct rainwater and to establish and create microclimates.

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