Natural Building and Healthy Homes

We combine our experience in natural building and landscape construction to create healthy homes for healthy people. We will site buildings to be well located in regards to water drainage around them and maximize the natural benefits of being oriented to the sun for winter homes and towards the north for passive cooling and root cellars.


Integrating building complexes, outbuildings, three season camps and year round winterized buildings. Using a maximum of local natural, on-site materials,local lumber mills and builders, we build off the grid strawbale year round homes, cob cottages, summer kitchens, pole barns for livestock, intern housing, tent platforms, showers, outhouses, and off grid water systems to supply them all with plentiful reliable high quality water and living.


We look forward to creating true havens of health and prosperity for you and your community to celebrate living on this bountiful Earth!


Framing | Strawbale Sullivan, NY
Pole barn framing all from site. We sited, designed and built this 2200 square foot home from start to finish.
Straw Bale House
Cochecton, NY a client and graduate of our class we designed and built this passive solar house for.
No Plastic Wraps | All Clay & Wood
Earthen plasters directly onto the bales with a wood siding for the final exterior and plaster on the interior.
Clay Walls done by Hand
We like to do earthen plasters from local clay after we paint the bales with clay slip.
Passive Solar Orientation
A straw bale earthen plastered, slab on grade home heated with radiant floor heating from a solar thermal array.It is a pole barn framing system with unique engineered metal joiners.Every stick of wood in the building came from on-site.
Wood Siding
Wide overhangs protect from summer sun, let in the winter sun. Solar thermal on the roof into the slab, thermostat inter tied to tankless propane hot water for winter heating,
Solar Thermal - Passive Hot Water
Solar Hot water is your key to resilient domestic hot water and low effort winter warmth we put the suns energy right into the foundation of your home and into your water tank!
Two-Five Sided Straw Bale -Accord,NY
We designed and built and sited this 2 -5 sided strawbale healing sanctuary as part of a masterplan for a 40 acre property,for a client in Accord,NY
Solar Thermal Into Slab
We built the forms and put the pex in for the solar thermal and sub contracted out the pour,
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