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  • Designing Your Home, Farm & Business

  • Buying & Building Your Place in the Country

  • Regenerative Farming, Biodynamics and Climate Resiliency

Climate change, economic collapse, flooding & wide spread pollution, are all pointing to a need for an articulate and comprehensive alternative. Permaculture is an ecological design science that offers insights and practical techniques for creating fruitful and abundant farms & communities. 


You will be provided with a solid introduction to the design principles of permaculture and how to apply them usefully for building & Regenerative farming. Permaculture is addressing the major issues of our day with a whole systems approach. 

It is a worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


Permaculture incorporates traditional methods, intuition, and in-depth site analysis. Learn how to create beneficial interrelationships in landscapes and infrastructures, create microclimates and design cultivated ecosystems.


Gain the skills to design a regenerative and highly self sufficient Community Supported Farm, Farm training program,

Retreat Center, Ecovillage, homestead, town or region. 

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Assessing water quality, Air quality

  • The best places to live and farm

  • Setting up very remote self sufficient communities and homesteading economics.

  • Outlining your goals and desires for country living.

  • Best places to live for city mouse/country mouse lifestyles.

  • Creating fully off grid, energy independent homes, farms & communities.

  • Ecological water & waste systems.

  • Building designs that optimize natural capital on site.

  • Creating Regenerative Permaculture educational centers and schools, the hub of community development projects.


The sessions will  discuss :

  • The Use and Role of Conservation Easements

  • High Value Tree Crops/Incorporating Nut trees

  • No-till, Organic & Regenerative Farming methods

  • Composting Systems for heating greenhouses and more!

Andrew lived completely off the grid in West Virginia for ten years, where he designed his Permaculture Phd, inspired farm, selling produce he grew to restaurants and at farmers markets, homesteading and building his Straw-bale home.  Faust moved to Brooklyn in 2007 began selling organic produce from his farm to restaurants, applying his knowledge to the urban landscape and to the Hudson river valley culminating in a unique curriculum for their Permaculture Design Certification course, PINA  endorsed

Now with thousands of graduates, after more then a decade of courses in the NYC region. Andrew is presently Founder & Director of the Center for Bioregional Living in Ellenville, NY with his partner Adriana Magaña,  the Center is a training campus for their students, clients and their daughter Juniper. 


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