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Tuesday June 4th @ 7pm

  • Designing Your Home, Farm & Business

  • Regenerative Farming, Biodynamics and Climate Resiliency

Climate change, economic collapse, flooding & wide spread pollution, are all pointing to a need for an articulate and comprehensive alternative. Permaculture is an ecological design science for creating fruitful and abundant communities. 


Permaculture addresses the major issues of our day with a whole systems approach.  It is a worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.

Andrew Faust lived completely off the grid in West Virginia for ten years, creating his Permaculture PHD.; Building a passive solar Straw-bale home, using as much on site material as possible, he developed spring fed water systems and ponds, establishing his regenerative farm thus selling produce he grew to restaurants and farmers markets. Faust moved to Brooklyn in 2007 and continued consulting, teaching and selling organic produce from his farm in Ellenville, NY. to restaurants While applying his knowledge to the urban landscape and the Hudson river valley creating a unique curriculum for their Permaculture Design Certification course, which is PINA endorsed.


After more then a decade of courses in the NYC region with thousands of graduates, Andrew is presently Co-Founder & Director of the Center for Bioregional Living on 14 acres in Ellenville, NY with his partner Adriana Magaña. The Center is a Permaculture demonstration, education and training campus for their students, and clients and their daughter Juniper.

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  • History & Origins of Permaculture

  • Best Places To Live & Thrive

  • Off Grid, Energy Independence

  • Ecological Water Solutions

  • Closed Loop Waste Systems

  • Agroforestry & selecting high value trees

  • Bio-intensive, Organic & Regenerative Farming

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