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Center for Bioregional Living - Andrew Faust, Juniper & Adriana Magaña

Hands-on Permaculture Classes - Summer 2023 Ellenville. NY

These are the workshops that many of you have been waiting for!   They will be relaxed, very informative, fun and a great way to have an immersion educational experience on our permaculture campus.


Andrew Faust and Adriana Magaña at our Center for Bioregional Living are proud to present a series of advanced permaculture and ecological design courses this spring/summer 2023.


We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to extend your fundamental Permaculture design skills and advance them strongly, with these hands on trainings taking you forward on the wings of true experience!

Our themes this season are;

  • Water in the Land

  • Biodynamic Gardening

  • Whole site Design

  • Forest Gardens/Tree Crops

  • Natural Building


All the courses in this series function as stand alone teachings and they build off of each other when taken together.  Come participate in the co-evolution of our Center for Bioregional Living while learning to live well with how the earth works. 

Everything that we will be working on here will be used and enjoyed by future visitors and students for many years to come.  Camping is encouraged, in designated areas on our land, and taking in the natural beauty of the area at one of the many nearby hiking areas (Lake Minnewaska State Park, Sam's Point, Peter's Kill to name a few)

Come on up to our Permaculture educational campus in Ellenville,NY!

Join us in the co-evolution of our Center for Bioregional Living where we teach the essentials of high quality ways of living well with how the earth works. Everything that we will be working on here will be used and enjoyed by future visitors and students for many years to come. Camping is encouraged on our land and taking in the sights at one of the many nearby gorgeous hiking areas (Lake Minnewaska, Sam's Point, Peter's Kill to name a few...)

Center for Bioregional Living is a seminal destination for permaculture education. Andrew Faust and Adriana Magaña have been applying permaculture design for more than 20 years and in 7 years they have graduated over 500 students in NYC. They have developed advanced permaculture design courses and workshops on there 14 acre property in Ellenville, New York They are turning their dreams into reality by developing hubs of permaculture design in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and the Tri-State area.


One of our main objectives is to offer an immersion learning environment for Permaculture design certification graduates. A place that is a Permaculture farm run, off grid growing market scale vegetables, nuts and berries using biodynamic and permaculture techniques. From using rain water gravity showers, cooking and eating from on site to drinking fresh springwater. With the help of our apprentices, advanced courses and volunteers we have created a beautiful rain catch humanure outhouse with urine separation, a gravity fed shower, a temporary kitchen which we will finish this fall and grew a bunch of food that we eat stored in our interim root cellar and sold to Saltie and Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Extensive berry & orchard plantings, a chestnut coppicing woodlot and more. Natural building techniques and materials are displayed in all of the structures An extensive series of ponds add diversity, beauty and many growing opportunities such as chinampas and rice paddies. Highlights include a wide variety of fruit trees, medicinal herbs and berries planted close to their home making use of micro-climates, no-till and hugel culture garden beds, a pond plumbed for watering and their team of rotationally grazing chickens.

  • See a working Permaculture Educational Farm

  • Learn how to grow more of your own food

  • Learn how to set up big rain tanks for water security

  • See our straw bale cabin, outhouses and natural classroom

  • See how create ponds and to find and develop springs

  • Visit our Dwarf Nigerian Goats, heritage chickens, nut trees natural buildings Biodigestor and more.

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