Permaculture Student Testimonials and Reviews

Feeling trapped in a corporate job and seeking a new path, I discovered this thing called permaculture that seemed to resonate with my deepest yearnings for myself and the world. That is, a lifestyle that is ecologically and ethically sound and fulfilling. Thankfully, I answered the call and participated in Andrew Faust's Urban Permaculture Design Certification in 2009. Those permaculture goggles Andrew gave us expanded my view, allowing me to see a bigger picture of how to approach just about everything. It launched me in the direction of my current and ongoing path as an herbalist, healer, earth lover, dreamer, and spirit-being-in-human-form. Thank you, Andrew and Adriana for your openness, kindness, and wisdom. You are a living, thriving model of a truly fulfilling, beneficial, and regenerative culture.

Liz Neves

-- He is an important messenger for the new beginning and I will consider him a mentor.


-- Legend! A highly educational, empowering, earthy experience. One in which the main focus was learning how it is possible to live a simpler and more harmonious lifestyle. Thanks for being legends.


-- Explore your area of interest . . . in a highly supportive and informed environment.


-- While learning about these concepts you get to live with folks who are designing their lives founded in these values. Great role models!


-- The connection between the humans and the land. Andrew very plainly and clearly represented some very basic concepts that made a major impact on me because I never looked at the human species as anything other than the dominant species rather than one of many.


-- Hike, swim and meet all the wonderful people in the area.


-- I got the pleasure of visiting other homesteads and communities to compare different styles and approaches one might take.

This class drastically changed the way I think about and observe the world and its problems and has made me think about positive things I can do to improve its condition.


-- I really liked the fact that we could start a class talking about super fund toxic waste sites and somehow end up talking about what we think god is.


-- I really appreciated the focus on this bioregion Other permaculture courses tend to use too many foreign examples. I loved the melding of biodynamics and permaculture.


-- I feel I explored and was introduced to many areas and issues I previously didnt realize existed.

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