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Permaculture Video Gallery

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Greening The City

Regenerating cities with permaculture design and ecological whole systems thinking.

Examples and design ideas for Urban environments.

Incredibly Abundant Permaculture Gardens

Learn to create your own permaculture homestead with these highly informative educational videos on beautiful highly productive, permaculture gardening techniques and systems.

The Reality & Philosophy of Permaculture

See the true nature of this powerful design discipline at work and understand it's philosophical roots.

Inspiring Examples of Permaculture for Whole Regions & Watersheds

See how permaculture can be applied to an entire watershed to increase local abundance and resilience connecting ecology and economy as only Permaculture can!

Permaculture Consultation & Design

See a truly diverse range of permaculture designs and innovative ideas and solutions for a wide scope of issues and problems from city to country in  this video series.

Permaculture: Feeding The World In Our Backyards

Evolution of Ecological Consciousness



100% Reneweable NYC


Saving the Earth - Saving Ourselves



Source Separation


Permaculture nad Energy


Decentralized Energy



Maple Sugaring


Energy and Over Population


Center For Bioregional Living Tour




Orders of Energy


Energy Cycling


Cooperating With Earth Dynamics



Permaculture Ponds


Ellenville Outdoor Shower



The Urgency for Permaculture

Permanent Agriculture

Learning to Live Well with the Earth

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