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Permaculture Design Certification Course Spring 2023

Happy Holidays to our extended Permaculture Community. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and exuberance. Inspired for the new horizons of 2023 ahead!

"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." - McLuhan

Register today for our spring 2023 PDC

10am - 4pm EST - Begins February 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 25 & 26,

March 4 & 5, 11 & 12, March 18th Graduation Presentations

11 Weekend sessions

All sessions recorded and available for missed attendance.

Announcing our remedy for winter blues, our next Online Permaculture Design Certification course begins February 11th and is one of the most comprehensive and well established courses in the country. You will be joining our guild of thousands of graduates, many in the NYC area, where we have had the only offering in NYC and the longest running Permaculture Design program, for more than a decade.

Sign up today to ward off your winter blues with an inspiring and empowering vision of how to heal ourselves and heal our home planet. As soon as you register we send you an amazing array of Permaculture videos and readings to get you started and 152 pages of readings from selected sources.

Are you wanting to up your consultation game and improve your business opportunities in the field? We will get you there with this class. Even if you have already taken a PDC this course will expand your experience with world renowned teachers, new to our team and your understanding of where we are today with Climate smart and Permaculture planning for regional resilience.




  • History & Origins of Permaculture​

  • Best Places To Live & Thrive

  • Off Grid, Energy Independence

  • Ecological Water Solutions

  • Closed Loop Waste Systems

  • Agroforestry & selecting high value trees

  • Bio-intensive, Organic & Regenerative Farming


As we transition from longer days to the shortest day of the year at 40+ degrees latitude in the northern hemisphere on planet Earth we can feel our innate connection to our equatorial origins. Migrating to northern and southern latitudes away from the equator required cultural innovations first and foremost with fire and creating hearths and with clothing and structures to protect us in harsher conditions. We are not selected for survival in cold climates having evolved in warm climates we depend on many more cultural constructs to support us in these biomes that are so far away from our ancestral home in equatorial momma Africa.

Be sure to sit out in the sun as much as you can when you can get it and build double pane greenhouses to enjoy it in, not triple pane windows, they filter out the spectrum you need to alleviate seasonal depression syndrome.

I am inspired to bring our uniquely robust and comprehensive design services more prevalently into the world with the launch of our new website solely on our consultation offerings! >>


Been working on planting the last fruit and nut trees for clients before the chill sets in and installing a 1550 gallon rain tank for a cool project where we will be filling a in ground pool and circulating and filtering the pool water with gravity supplied, rain water supplied from the rain tank and well pressurized by a significant drop from the tank to the pool.

By our calculations we will be able to pulse over 700 gallons every two weeks throughout the pool to flush it and keep it clean and clear. We will create a nice natural water feature for the overflow. It will be lined with stone to send the water overflowing thoughtfully away from the pool area.


I was invited to be on a panel from a screening of a documentary recently released about one of my inspirations Vanadan Shiva! It was an honor to be on this panel and I realized a necessity as the moderator and other panelists lacked the background to speak intelligently about the issue of GMOs and industrial agriculture to the audience and the director in a Q and A after the film.

This experience underscored what I have seen for my entire career as a Permaculture teacher, which is that Americans are woefully educated in the history of industrial agriculture and the problems it creates. This is important to understand so we see the need to change the systems and get beyond regenerative and ecologically restorative forms of farming and move our dollars and sense away from supporting the irrationalities of industrial “food.”

Our 501(c)3 The Permaculture Living Lands Trust is beginning the first round of conversations with agroforestry, regenerative farming and nut free advocates from our networks in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

We are starting with a round of inquiries to get input as to how our new non-profit can best serve the extended community of already existing practitioners, that we know of and hear about, that are out there already doing important work in related fields. I will have more to report in our next newsletter on the outcome of these meetings and our upcoming projects and classes for 2023.

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