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Expanding ecological consciousness throughout our human collective


- We have been busy here at the Center For Bioregional Living working to expand ecological consciousness throughout our human collective. We have been planting nut trees for clients and continuing to walk acres of land for people.

- Winston Farms Development Project is being proposed on 800 acres in Saugerties. After giving a presentation and walkthrough, Andrew Faust and his team got hired to give public testimony with the developers focusing on how they can move this large scale project in a more ecological direction.

- Spoke at the public hearing in Saugerties and submitted a 6 page document of recommendations, including a regenerative / agro-ecology farm for the development with salaried farmers, with a HOA financing them.

- We provide Permaculture whole site management insights with 30 years of designing, teaching, building and agricultural growing experience.

Our latest Natural building project using the latest hempcrete construction!


Andrew Faust is teaching the entire junior and high school student body about Permaculture ways of seeing the world, with history and science at the helm.

He is currently working with them four half days a week at Montessori School, the Homestead School in Hurleyville, NY which is about 20 minutes from the Center. Andrew's daughter Juniper is attending their program and are bartering for her tuition. The school wanted Permaculture to be part of their program for years and when he heard their ads on WJFF, a local radio station describing their attention to ecological consciousness he reached out to see about Juniper attending and creating a barter for my curriculum and teaching skills. The director Jack Comstock said they were ecstatic about the idea and we have been off and running ever since!



Shutting Down The U.S. War Machine Economy, war, ecology and human integrity.

Where and how will the change happen, that must happen?

Looking at politics, nuclear legacies and applying our collective efforts where they are needed. A correction on a number I give for how many people died in Hiroshima - VIEW MORE


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