Permaculture Design Certification On-Line Courses 2021

Andrew Faust, Adriana Magaña, and Guests


Live Streamed lectures and in the field videos offer an exceptional learning experience.

Learn to build the world you want to live in!

11 Weekend Sessions - 10am-4pm EST

ending March 20th, 2021

Course Fee $600

Begins Spring 2021

February 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28

March 6 & 7 - March 20th - 11th session graduation!

Our online course is the foundational 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification program, endorsed by PINA the Permaculture Institute of North America.We adapt our course to the northeastern corridor and to contemporary social and ecological issues in the United States and the world.


Our Permaculture design certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. We will train you to be a permaculture consultant who can apply the permaculture principles to a diversity of landscapes, scales and issues from rural to urban, and temperate to tropical environments.


Come be inspired by the possibilities of today and not by the fear of tomorrow! 


Permaculture Design is :


  • A design science that provides a new model for economic development.

  • Addressing the major social justice and environmental issues of our times from a whole systems perspective.

  • A worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.


The certification is valued by an international world of designer’s, architects, organic farmers, and communities who all recognize it as a legitimate passport to another level of knowledge.

Payment Plans and Paypal


• Flexible Scheduling


• Experienced Teaching Team


• Continued Mentoring

• Learn to Apply Permaculture to Properties, Business Models, Social Structures and Regional Scale Designs.

This course connects you with the 600+ graduates from our programs in NYC and the Tri-state region, and to our vast network of advanced practitioners and colleagues with Permaculture Professions and projects all over the world. We offer diverse continuing hands on education in the field, you will have access to our training center, just two hours from NYC.

Join Andrew Faust at NOFA-NY this January 23rd for an On-line Session >>


Andrew's class opened my eyes to new ways of seeing, as well as provided tools for approaching the challenges of our present day society in a positive and impactful way. His focus on "turning the problem into the solution" is something so needed right now in our society, and has inspired me to approach my art and artistry in a whole new way, as well as my everyday life. 


This class goes far beyond gardening and agriculture, and addresses how we can apply the principles of permaculture to all aspects of life, be it big or small, personal or professional. Taking this class was the greatest gift I gave to myself this year, and I know that I will be living my life in a more meaningful and intentional way because of it. 


This class is for everyone- the activist, the artist, the empath, the curious, the farmer, the urbanite, the teacher, the student -- whether you have a 30 acre piece of land or a small windowsill, you will get such immense value and deep knowledge from this class, and will leave a whole lot wiser.


Thank you so much, Andrew and Adriana, for your dedication to the principles and practice of permaculture, and for being so generous and thoughtful with your knowledge. I am deeply grateful to you both, and for this class - Celia Rowlson-Hall



The online course is 100% worth it. I just completed the online 2020 permaculture certification course and was blown away by the amount of information I gained. The information itself is a healthy mix of bass-tacks-know-how (geared towards the Northeast), theoretical, analytical, biological, philosophical, cosmic, and spiritual. Because of this, the class is suited for anyone who is interested in learning or DOING permaculture. Andrew's knowledge is vast, informative, and sobering. You can't fake that. It becomes very clear within the first few minutes.


If you are living in the North East and want to create a green job for yourself, this is the next step you should take.


P.S. If you have any reservations because it's online, it's not an issue at all. It's not worth waiting for the pandemic is be done with. - Ben Feistmann

Lead Instructor Andrew Faust

One of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with over two decades of experience in the field. His passionate and mind expanding talks and curriculum have motivated teachers and students since his decade long career as a H.S. teacher at Upattina's, a open community free school in Glenmoore, PA.

View Faust's TED X lecture 

Permaculture Consultation Services  - Property Analysis 

  • Research, Background Information and Reports on Real-Estate

  • Pre-purchase site inspections

  • Selecting land for homesteads, ecovillages and communities

  • Designs, Installation and Maintenance

  • Training On-Site Owners and Property Managers

  • Permaculture Master Planning

Permaculture Center for BioRegional Living - Farm Tour

Because of current social distancing this tour is available by appointment - $100.00

  • See a working Permaculture Educational Farm

  • Learn how to grow more of your own food

  • Learn how to set up big rain tanks for water security

  • See our straw bale cabin, outhouses and natural classroom

  • See how create ponds and to find and develop springs

  • Visit our Dwarf Nigerian Goats, heritage chickens, nut trees natural buildings Biodigestor and more.



JANUARY 15 2021

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