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Summer - Fall 2023 Newsletter - Center for Bioregional Living

This has been a busy spring into summer here at the Center For Bioregional Living.

We just finished a two day Natural Building intensive, the last of our hands-on classes of the season, which began with Designing with Water in Mind, keep your eye out for our fall offerings and get in touch if you want to arrange for some volunteer work days here.

We have been teaching at Junipers Montessori School, CCHS as a barter for her tuition. We are bringing Permaculture education to their program for the next 4 years. We toured our latest Hempcrete house and made clay plasters here and visited our friends Brett and Sarah with Majestic Farm - with our business and Eco-farming classes.

I am building raised beds are own systems of huge lkultur with hemlock forms. Making patios for clients and managing orchards and meadows to increase pollinators and to decrease mowing watch this short video for an example.

Contact me if you need a property assessed or you want me find a spring for you, or you want this kind of site work done.

What We Do:

- We install and design:

  • Edible landscapes

  • Plant fruit and nut trees

  • Build container gardens and fences

  • Create medicinal and aromatherapy gardens, orchards, berry patches, natural play grounds

  • Build small artist studios from natural materials

  • plant agroforestry nut groves

  • Install big rain tanks and build summer kitchens

Comprehensive Permaculture plans and designs is one of our specialties. We enjoy going from large to smaller properties working with families and communities to articulate their vision, we walk the site and meet with you, draw our concept and move to details, estimates and installation. Whether you would like a naturally built home or a deeply ecological farm, school, retreat center or community created we are the Permaculture design team for you!

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