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Center for Bioregional Living - Summer 2023

Updated: May 23, 2023

Whole Site Permaculture Design

May 27 and 28 - 10am 4pm - $200

Don't miss this hands on Permaculture course this weekend with dinner included and camping!

In this whole site design course we will be teaching you how to read the landscape and show you how to create designs in the field.

This course will focus on laying the groundwork for an entire land development project such as establishing ecological businesses, community farms, eco-villages, co-housing and homesteads.

Topics covered:

Reading the landscape, making use of topography and hydrology, reading biological indicators. whole site analysis, mapping techniques, Siting buildings and integrating the entire project through a solid phase plan.

Hands-on activities: siting buildings and infrastructure, laying out and establishing earthworks and infrastructure. We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to function as stand alone teachings or to build off of each other when taken as the whole series. Come participate in the evolution of The Center for Bioregional Living’s Educational campus where teach the essentials of living abundantly by following nature’s patterns.

Hope to see you this Saturday @ 10 am

253 Briggs Hwy., Ellenville NY 12428

Write or call Andrew to reserve your space - 917-584-4588


It's a busy spring here at the Center For Bioregional Living.

I am walking a good diversity of properties, helping my clients throughout the region to make sense of what they own, what trees are there, how to understand and solve water issues, from a 7000 square foot Bed and Breakfast, on 12 acres just down the road from the Omega Institute, being considered by a graduate with a Ph.D for a ecological B & B to a 1/4 acre property for a client in White Plains.

Designing Your Farm with Permaculture in Hudson, NY -

We will do a 2 day course there June 15 and 16.


We have a series of hands-on classes here in Ellenville hosted at our Center For Bioregional Living Research and Educational campus. These classes will give the practical skill you have been looking for to apply Permaculture design in your life. Forest Gardens and Tree Crops Saturday June 3 - 10am - 4pm - $100 - view Naturally Built Tiny House Saturday June 10 and 11 10am - 4pm - $300 - view Endorsed by PINA - Permaculture Institute of North America

Come on up to Ellenville! These are the workshops that many of you have been waiting for! They will be relaxed, very informative, fun and a great way to have an immersion educational experience on our permaculture campus. We have thoughtfully crafted each of these offerings to extend your fundamental Permaculture design skills and advance them strongly, with these hands on trainings taking you forward on the wings of true experience!

We have several projects with the Permaculture Living Lands Trust, one I am excited to share with you here, with Ted Danieki in NJ where he has been curating a nut grove, sina qua non, that we are helping him to expand his legacy there, to impart more of his grafting wizard skills, by bringing apprentices to him, and to preserve and protect the amazing trees Ted has propagated over 8 acres planted out with some of the Pecans and Hickories being over 30 years old and bearing bumper yields of huge hickories, chestnuts, pecans and an assortment of fruits.

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