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Permaculture Lecture Topics

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Ecological Consciousness: The Metaphysics of the Human Being

Andrew Faust talks about how bringing the wildness of nature back into our live  brings opportunities to heal our bodies and minds in the process. Andrew will share his stunning visual presentation, "Anthropogenic Earth" about the metaphysics of we human being.  Get ready to go from the start of Universe 4.5 billion years ago to actualizing humanities potential to heal Earth and each other.Come and be inspired by the possibilities of bringing nature back into our lives!You might want watch this stunning video about our Permaculture Design Certification courses.

Permaculture and Bioregionalism:

Ecological Models for Economic Development

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Join us as Andrew Faust, NYC's long time Permaculture scholar, brings together Permaculture and Bioregionalism: two elegant design models that show us how to heal ourselves while we heal the land. The solutions to our economic and environmental problems aren't complex or out of reach. Quite the contrary! Our food, fuel and fiber needs can be met in synergistic ways that strengthen community economies reconnecting people with their beauty and biology.By cooperating regionally and designing ecologically we create and insure healthy and secure economies, landscapes and communities that benefit and enrich for generations to come!Come and learn how to meet human needs with ecological integrity through Permaculture design.

Permaculture Power Grids: Decentralized Energy

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What would a smaller scale power grid look like in the northeastern U.S.?  How can we address systemic contamination from lead,mercury and radioactive wastewhile addressing global climate variables and shortages of all kinds?Andrew Faust will articulate a clear, elegant and scientifically solid approach to renewable and integrated designs for our regional energy needs—to transition our society to a healthier economy.

Creating a Healthy World: Ecological Ways of Living 

Learn about pathways to prosperity rooted in local economies and ecologies. Ecologically healthy cottage industries, local food networks, natural building and regional energy systems. 


Health and Longevity: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Our diets, our jobs, our lifestyles and the water we drink all directly shape how healthy we are and our quality of life. A holistic view of health that connects peoples' personal well being directly with the health of their local landscapes and environment. Pollution and You: 


The True Costs of the Military/Industrial Complex

An expose of toxics in the US. Find out about corporate and government contaminated zones in your neighborhood. How the products you buy and services you use contribute to contamination and health problems.


Ecological Politics, Transforming World Views

How to overthrow the corporate oligarchy by creating more regional, local and self-reliance. In a true democracy we will ensure public welfare before private profits and not enable industry to pollute the water we drink and the air we breathe in order to give us jobs. 


Decadence vs. Abundance: A Brief Ecological History of America and the World 

Come learn what history has taught us about how to create ecological economies and increase natural capital. Democratic economies make more dollars and sense for the people. By putting public welfare before private profits we can create a more sound and sustainable economic structure for our society.


Regenerating Urban Centers: Bringing in Nature 

Ways to bring clean air, water and soil back into city centers and urban landscapes. Creating green pathways for pedestrians and cyclists. Start by removing pavement from streams and abandoned areas and reforesting them. Create market areas with limited vehicle access. Then create corridors that connect them to green belts outside the city. Shorten the distance of transmission of goods and services by increasing local production in the city and surrounding areas.


Ecological Literacy vs. Environmental Education 

We need a paradigm shift in our worldview. Schools need to help reconnect humanity with their proper role as stewards and caretakers of planet earth. We need to reconnect ourselves, our schools, our children and our whole philosophy of education to our responsibilities for the well being of each other and the entire web of life. 

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Introduction to Permaculture and Biodynamic Gardening

Come and join us at our one of a kind of Permaculture farm in Ellenville.  The Center for Bioregional Living is an off grid market scale demonstration farm designed specifically, as our example to the regional food movement  Offering opportunities and approaches for addressing our food needs with more of an integrated, ecological, permaculture approach.

In this workshop we will have hands-on activities taking you from seed starting to bed prepping and planting a organic market scale garden. 

  •  Make soil block for starting seeds

  •  Mix up soil specifically for soil blocks

  •  Discuss preferred seed sources

  •  Explain the Biodynamic Calendar & how we use it

  •  Prep and plant beds in our garden

  •  Explain our rain water catching system

  •  Discuss permaculture in the fruit & vegetable garden layout

  •  Explain when we use the tractor and when we use hand tools

  •  Show you amendments that we use in our garden and why

You will get a chance to plant seed and prep beds and learn experientially about some key biodynamic and permaculture gardening insights and approaches to take home to your family and farm.

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